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Special Drug Delivery Systems and Packaging

Krider Pharmacy specializes in various types of compliance packaging for the consumer. Traditional bottle dispensing of pills and capsules does not work for everybody and in every situation. We can prepare your prescriptions in blister packs or bubble packs for ease of use. We can also prefill your insulin syringes for those of our customers who have difficulty with drawing their own syringes.

[Bullet] Blister Packs - 31 day card
Each bubble numbered with day of month
One card per time slot
All of the medicines you take at that time of day are in 1 bubble
[Bullet] Blister Packs - 7 day card
All your pills for one week in a single card
All time slots clearly labeled as to when to take your medicine
Organizes all of your prescriptions in easy to use bubble pack
[Bullet] Prefilled Insulin Syringes
We can prefill your syringes with the amount of insulin specified by your doctor
Dispense in up to 14 day supply at one time
Requires prescription from you doctor specifying prefilled syringes

[Bullet] IV Solutions - Click here to learn more about our Home Infusion Program

Krider Pharmacy can help you with your complex prescription regimens. Let us assist you in devising a drug delivery system that meets your needs. Also helpful for the elderly who forget to take their medicine, or who get confused as to when to take what.

Krider's also can compound special prescriptions that your physician may write for you. These include creams, salves, ointments, elixirs, suspensions, progesterone suppositories, and other dosage forms not available off the shelf. Let our experienced pharmacists fill your next prescription for you!




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