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Stop in and speak with one of our
trained staff members
to find the right equipment
for your needs.

  Mobility Aids

There are many different wheelchair models, styles, and components designed to fulfill the varied needs of the individual. We offer:

- Manual, light-weight, wheelchairs
- Companion Chairs
- Transfer Chairs
- Clinical expertise to provide wheelchair evaluations
- Wheelchair cushions

Walking Aids
- Walkers
- Canes
- Quad-canes
- Specialty walkers with seat
- Rotaters and Accessories
- Crutches
- Knee Walkers
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  Diabetic Department

  Krider Pharmacy has made a strong commitment to diabetes education. Our trained diabetic educators can assist you in all facets of blood glucose monitor use and maintenance. We stock all major brands of machines and also many hard to find specialty items such as autojectors, magni-guides, insulin syringe carrying cases, and much more. Stop in and see us. We can bill your insurance too!

Monitors and Strips (All Major Brands)
- One Touch Profile
- Basic, Ultra
- Ultra-Smart
- Accu-Check Compact
- Advantage
- Comfort Curve
- Active
- Glucometer Elite
- FreeStyle
- Contour

Insulin (All Major Brands)
- Lilly and Novo - Nordisk
- Vials
- Prefilled Syringes
- Penfill Cartridges

Click Here to find out more about how you can order your own custom pre-filled insulin syringes!

Lancets + Misc. (All Major Brands)
- Alcohol Swabs
- Control Solutions
- Batteries
- Pipettes
- Log Books

One on one training in use of all monitors

Trained, experienced diabetic educators on staff
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  Complete Orthopedic Fitting Department

  Search FLA Orthopedic Products

- Back Braces
- Lumbar supports
- Neck, Knee, Wrist, Ankle Braces - cotton, neoprene

Compression Hosiery
- Knee high
- Thigh high
- Panty hose, open toe, full foot, anti-embolism, custom Mastectomy breast prosthesis, bras, swimwear
- 2 private fitting rooms
- Certified fitters
- Extensive in-stock inventory

Call for an appointment. Walk-ins welcome

- Certified orthopedic fitters
- Newly remodeled private fitting rooms
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  Incontinent Supplies

  - Tena
- Prevail
- Depends
- Active Life
- Underpads - bags and case quantities
- Rubber/flannel sheeting, mattress protectors,disposable latex and vinyl gloves

Ostomy and Urological Supplies
- All major brands of ostomy products - Convatec,Hollister, Coloplast.
- Extensive skincare department
- Foley Catheters, Condon Catheters, Legbags, Bedside Drain Bags, Straps, Tubing

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  Medicare Claims

  - With an approved doctor's prescription, Medicare should cover approximately eighty (80) percent of the approved (dollar) allowable amount after the patient's annual deductible has been met. Krider Pharmacy and Home Health will complete your Medicare claim form for your reimbursement.

- We will accept private insurance assignment when the products or equipment are prescribed by their primary physician and approved by the patient's insurance carrier.

- Regarding doctor's prescriptions - Medicare will only pay for items they feel are proven to be medically necessary. This determination is made from your doctor's prescription.

For further information regarding Medicare procedures or acceptance of private insurance assignment, please call (920) 499-6772 and our consultants will gladly assist you.
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  Women's Boutique

  - Post Breast Surgery Prostheses
- Bras, Swimwear, Lingerie
- Private Fitting Rooms
- Certified Fitters
- Extensive In-Store Inventory

No Appointment Necessary
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  Breast Health Department

  Full Prostheses for:
- Post Mastectomy
- All shapes and sizes to match remaining breast.

- Lumpectomy
- Reconstruction
- Restore breast shape, body symmetry for uneven cup sizes.
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  Other Supplies

  - Over Door Cervical Traction
- Pelvic Traction
- 90/90
- Weights
- Hand Exercisers
- Hot and Cold Compresses
- Shower Chairs, Tub Rails
- Toilet Support Rails
- Bath/Shower Safety Rails
- Commodes
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  Rental Department

  We rent by the day, week and month for the following equipment:

- Commode
- Walker, Walker w/ wheels, HD Walker, HD Walker w/ wheels
- Wheelchair
- Transport Chair
- Bedside Table
- Knee Walker
- S.A.D. Light

Call For Pricing
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  Compression Stockings

  If you suffer frimn tired aching legs or suffer from more serious problems like swelling and venous disease, stop in and see our certified fitters.

We fit all genders, shapes and sizes from tall to petite, large frame to small. We offer a wide range of colors and styles to meet your needs.

Knee high, Thigh High, Pantyhose, Chaps

Compression Levels
- 8-15mmHg
- 15-20mmHg
- 20-30mmHg
- 30-40mmHg (special order)

We have certified fitters on staff to make sure you receive the prefect fit.

No Appointment Necessary
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  Bathroom Safety Aids

  - Bath Benches
- Shower Chairs
- Transfer Benches
- Safety Rails
- Elevated Toilet Seats
- Wall Grab Bars
- Commodes
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  Home Healthcare Supplies

  - Ostomy/ Urological Supplies
- Bloofd Pressure Kits, Stethoscopes
- Bed Wedges, Cervical/Lumbar Pillows
- Re-Usable Underpads, Incontinent Supplies
- Urinals, Bed Pans
- Wound Supplies
- Pedi-fix, Foot Products
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  Walking Aids

  - Walkers with seats
- Non-Wheeled Walkers
- Quad Canes
- Canes
- Crutches
- Knee Walkers
- Wheelchairs
- Transport Chairs
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