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Krider Pharmacy is a locally owned, independent pharmacy located on Green Bay's west side. Since 1955, we have offered North East Wisconsin a complete traditional prescription service while offering many other specialties.

Compounding Pharmacy
We compound medications and prescriptions according to your
physician's specifications.

Erectile Dysfunction Injectables
Pediatric suspensions and solutions
Rectal and vaginal suppositories
Sterile ophthalmic (eye) drops and preparations
Creams, Ointments, Elixirs, Suspensions
Analgesic creams (Ketoprofen, etc)
Intravenous solutions for home infusion therapy


  Special Drug Packaging - Long Term Care Department


Krider Pharmacy's Long Term Care Department has extensive experience working with Assisted Living Facilities, CBRF's, and other long term care entities and can package your medications in bubble pack cards-both 7 days cards and 31 day cards.

This type of packaging:

  • Makes it easy to organize your prescription medications.
  • Helps you remember to take your medicines every day-and on time.
There is one card for every time of the day you are scheduled to take your medicine - i.e. morning, noon, bedtime, etc. All of the pills you are scheduled to take at that time will be together in one bubble-no more opening multiple prescription vials and taking out medication doses! Kriders also can provide you with MAR's (Medicine Administration Records) to allow you to "chart" that you have taken all of your medicines at the scheduled time of day.

  Bubble Packaging
  Our customers have the option to have bubble packs of their medications in 7 day or 31 day punch cards. We can also provide computerized MEDICINE ADMINISTRATION RECORDS and PHYSICIAN’S ORDERS to help organize your medicines and assist you in scheduling your doses. This allows the patient to actually chart when each dose has been administered.

  Pre-Filled Insulin Syringes
  We will pre-fill your insulin syringes to a specific dose for a more accurate injection.

  Other Services
  Hand made progesterone suppositories
Ointment, creams, solutions, capsules, special compounded medicaments, etc.

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  State of the Art Computer System

  Every prescription is checked for drug-drug interactions (make sure your NEW medicine agrees with everything you are currently taking) and drug-allergy interactions (make sure you are not allergic to this new medicine). In addition with every new prescription we provide you with written information about your medicine - side effects, what it is used for, how to take it, how to store it, and what to do if you miss a dose.


  Cholesterol Testing

Krider Pharmacy is a Wisconsin CLIA-certified laboratory and can perform certain types of medical lab tests on premises.  Written results while you wait.

  Full lipid panel including:
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • LDL
  • HDL
  • Blood Glucose


  Home Infusion Program

  IV fluids, antibiotics, hyperalimentation, TPN, pain medications.
Most kinds of IV pumps including ambulatory infusion pumps. Kriders has a certified sterile Clean Room on site where we compound various sterile solutions for home use.

We also sell wholesale IV administation sets, tubing, catheters, dressings, needles and IV fluids.

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  In-House Charge Accounts

  We offer a monthly charge account which can be used for any merchandise sold in the store.


  Free Delivery Service

  Krider Pharmacy offers free Green Bay deliveries Monday   through Friday. One delivery per patient per week. Additional deliveries inside the same week will be charged a $4.90 delivery fee. If there is no prescription in the delivery, there must be $10.00 worth of merchandise. Call to set up a delivery today!


  Medicare Claims

  Let Kriders file your Medicare claims for you. We can bill Medicare for diabetic supplies such as blood glucose test strips and lancets. Also inhalant solutions such as Albuterol and Ipatroprium. With the right secondary insurance you may pay nothing at all!


  Ask A Pharmacist


To get in touch with one of our pharmacists, please fill out the form below and then click "Submit Request."





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